Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Experience of transferring Gold Runescape

After Jagex update the trading condition in runescape with 3k limit for every player in game. A lot of players quit transferring gold in the game. You see, 3000gp can be useless when we decide to buy awesome items for combating with others or completing hard quests. Now, Jagex has cancelled the limitation, have you ever herd about it? The one best way to transfer gold is this.

Lots of RuneScape players talk about how much RuneScape money they made every day. Without enough RS money, you have absolutely no ability to win in at this game. RuneScape money puts all of the attack tools at your disposal. So, transferring gold in RuneScape is an important part of trading and is also a way to help out other players. Most of the time, we can not get such chance to get gold freely from our friends or another account of ourselves. There are many methods of transferring gold. Buy runescape gold will be a quickest way to increase the quantity of your gold.

You can get a friend that you trust to log onto another account. And if you just get gold from your friend’ account, you can log onto the game with him together. Make sure you are logged into the same world and the place you choose must be safe enough where almost no one there. Agree on a meeting location. The most common place to trade is at the Grand Exchange. Right-click the character and offer a trade. The other character must accept this offer for the trade window to open.

If you control the runescape account which accepts the gold, you can click "Accept" once the desired amounts have been offered. Once you accepted the gold, the transfer of gold is completed.

If you control the runescape account which send gold, right-click on runescape money that was in your account inventory, and select the "offer X" option. Type in the amount of gold you want to trade. Once you press the "Enter" key. The gold will appear on your side of the trade window! The slider bar at the bottom indicates the total value of the trade. Any items the other player offers will appear on the right side.

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